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Supremes: We’re a banana republic and the Prez. can kill you if you don’t like it!

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The Supreme Court ruling that the police can take your stuff via “civil asset forfeiture” is completely counter to any normal reading of the 4th Amendment. Ruling that police have qualified immunity was created out of thin air. Their ruling today that presidents are above the law was the most garbage ruling they ever came up with. We just became a banana republic all to protect Trump’s ass. A president can no longer be prosecuted if he:

  • steals military secrets and sells them;
  • attempts and fails to steal an election;
  • sells a pardon to the highest bidder;
  • fires executive branch employees protected by civil service laws to make way for his cronies;
  • sets up a patronage network to sell government jobs;
  • accepts money from a foreign government to attack another country
  • profits from selling or purchasing government assets;
  • sends soldiers to attack and kill people exercising their 1st Amendment rights;
  • redirects money congress approved fund his campaign or to line his own pockets;
  • arrests members of congress to affect the vote on legislation;
  • arrests supreme court justices and orders them executed if they don’t rule as he wants;
  • stages a coup so he can stay in office after his 2nd term.

The supreme court didn’t enable checks and balances. They put the president above congress, the judiciary and even the American people. We fought a revolution to get rid of kings ruling over us. We don’t need six corrupt judges to install one!

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