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Celebrate Julian Assange’s Freedom Tomorrow

Signal boosting this event from Boston Area Assange Defense and organizers Susan McLucas and Paula Iasella.

Dear fellow supporters of Julian Assange,

What a happy few days this has been!  We hope you will join us for our short rally and victory party on Julian’s birthday, Wednesday, July 3 at 4pm in front of the UK Consulate at One Broadway, Cambridge and then at Brothers Marketplace [1 Broadway, Cambridge].  We don’t often win battles and it’s great when we do!

The Assange campaign has clarified that Julian having accepted the plea deal does not set a legal precedent. What set a dangerous precedent was the US prosecuting a journalist in the first place! The war on journalists/journalism is not over. We need to remind our representatives to be more vigilant so that future journalists challenging power won’t be prosecuted! The campaign is also calling on legislators, journalists and activists to push for a pardon now. Together we will write a few postcards on Wednesday.  Asking our reps to defend press freedom and push the Biden administration to pardon Julian Assange are good messages to give to our representatives. It is an election year and the postcards were designed with ‘Elections 2024″ in mind!  Hope to see you Wednesday.

Susan McLucas and Paula Iasella

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