Protesters have been Occupying Wall Street for three weeks. Thousands are
protesting and hundreds are camping out at Liberty Plaza in New York city.
Police there have already arrested hundreds for the constitutionally
protected act of peacefully assembling.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Boston and dozens of other
cities. Protesters are speaking out against corporate influence in our
political process, political and economic structures that have led to
the decades-long decline in the financial security of the middle class
and the poor, and particularly the failed financial policies that permit
Wall Street to gamble with our economy and make us all pay when they
gamble recklessly.

We at the Massachusetts Pirate Party support their cause and their goal
of making America a democracy again.

“We are part of the 99 percent and we stand with our brothers and sisters
in Boston and around the world,” said First Officer J. P. Hollembaek,
referring to Occupy Wall Street’s motto, “We are the 99 percent.”

Captain James O’Keefe, 2002 & 2006 candidate for Treasurer and
Receiver General of Massachusetts, remarked that “the increasing power
large corporations have over every aspect of our lives serves to enrich
the 1% of the US population who earn over $1.1 million a year.”

The Massachusetts Pirate Party was formed in 2010 and became a political
designation on February 26th, 2011. It focuses on promoting laws that
support personal privacy, increase government transparency, rein in
corporate power, reduce the power of the copyright monopolies and
eliminate patents.

The Massachusetts Pirate Party can be contacted at:

Phone: (617) 863-6277 (MAPP)


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