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Tell the House: Don’t Censor the Net!

The House of Representatives will start considering changes to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) on Thursday.and may vote to approve it soon after.  Like the Senate bills, PIPA and CSFA, SOPA would create a variety of ways for corporations and the US government to censor the Internet.

We released our SOPA Information Packet for House Members today. Please spread word about it and, if possible, get it to your Representative.

We urge you to call your Representative and tell them to oppose SOPA and Net Censorship. Fight for the Future has a convenient web form that will give you talking points and will connect you to your Representative.

Thanks to Everyone who Attended the Rally!

Thanks for all the help people gave to make our rally a success. We told many people about the harm that PIPA, CFSA and SOPA would have and were able to present our information packet to the staff of Senators Brown and Kerry.

We got some press for our recent efforts:

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