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Posted Stranger Danger Talk Video

We continue to release videos of our conference talks. Conor Sherman’s Stranger Danger talk is the latest at our Youtube page. We also posted the HighDef version of the Campaign to Win talk as a torrent.

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1 comment on “Posted Stranger Danger Talk Video

  1. Be proud of who you are, and what you do in the world, and you will be happy when the reality of information about you spreading into the universe freely happens. 🙂 And to make sure that people use that information for good purposes is to make sure they are well taken care of and are getting what they need to be healthy, mentally and physically. Harmful behavior is always a result of people lacking in their needs. Which is why the only real solution to a healthy world is for is to stop wasting resources making random crap to get money, and start investing all our resources taking good care of us. And by “us” I mean all Earthlings, flora, fauna, and otherwise. Anything less is just going to make life worse for everyone.

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