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Some Conference Videos Available

Processing the videos of the conference is taking a bit of time, unfortunately, but Erik has been toiling away. Thankfully, his efforts have been successful and two of the talks are currently available:

Kopimism by Lauren Pespisa

Campaign to Win by James O’Keefe

We will post the rest of the videos as soon as they are available.

Just as a reminder, a number of speakers gave permission for us to post the slides of their talks (pdf):

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1 comment on “Some Conference Videos Available

  1. Regarding Kopimism, I think it’s really important to let go of the fears that go with trying to control information where only certain elitist groups are allowed to have access to data, and that includes both you and me and everyone else. I do indeed believe information is sacred, and that it is the life force that moves evolution, so any time anyone gets it in their head that they “own” information, whether that’s someone’s “private” information (name, address, bowel movements, whatever) or “public” information (movies, music, bicycle designs, etc.), I do indeed find that evil, and anti-life. I know it’s going to take a lot of courage for some folks to feel comfortable sharing their information with the likes of government folks and corporations, but if we want the world to know what we want, and know what we have to offer, so that the world is less delusional, then it’s in our best interests to be even more honest and open about our personal information than we want “them” to be with the information about them.

    The more our information flows, even to those we might not initially believe “deserve” the information, the better off we all will be because we’ll all be operating under reality, rather than assumptions and guesses and lies…

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