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May 12th Free Film Fest Schedule

While we are a bit preoccupied with stopping the CISPA spy bill (more on that in the next blog post), we finalized the schedule for our May 12th Free Open Film Fest. Please spread the word about it. We will have posters you can put up and a page with links to the films soon.

Start Time Focus Videos Scheduled

3:00pm Kids Hour Sneeze Me Away
Steamboat Willie
& other cartoons
4:00pm Copyright Hour The $8 billion iPod
Steal This Film
How I beat a patent troll
5:00pm Patents Hour Open Source Cancer Research,
Patent Absurdity,
Innovation in Fashion Industry
6:00pm Open Govt. Hour Rick Falkvinge: I am a Pirate
Government Crowdsourcing
6:30pm Break Time
7:00pm Open Torrented Films Pioneer One
Otherworlds Short Films
8:00pm Public Domain Films George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead
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