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Celebrate Constitution Day Today!

We are joining with the ACLU of Massachusetts, Digital Fourth, and other Fourth Amendment activists in Boston on Constitution Day, Today, September 17, at the Boston Public Library. Together we will call for privacy legislation and educate the public about the surveillance state.

Where: Boston Public Library, Copley steps

When: 5-7 PM, Tuesday, September 17

What: Educational speakout for Constitution Day and 21st Century Privacy Rights

Come talk to your neighbors and fellow Massachusetts residents about critical issues affecting our privacy in the 21st century, and solutions for our most vexing problems. We will be on the steps of the Copley library from 5-7 with educational materials, a megaphone, lots of energy, and plenty of information. As luck would have it, there’s a Boston mayoral forum at the library on the same night.

Interested in joining us? Bring signs addressing Fourth Amendment issues and mass surveillance, or simply come with your energy. We will be collecting signatures to support privacy reform in the state of Massachusetts.

If police want to spy on us, they should be required to get warrants first. TheĀ Fourth Amendment was born in Massachusetts; let’s make sure we protect our rights for the next generation.

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