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Massachusetts Pirate Party Fields First Two Candidates


Massachusetts Pirate Party Fields First Two Candidates

Boston, MA — May 22nd, 2014 – Noelani Kamelamela and Joseph Guertin, the Massachusetts Pirate Party’s first two candidates for 2014, will meet at noon today to file their nomination paperwork to appear on the November ballot. Ms. Kamelamela is running in the 27th Middlesex State Representative district. Mr. Guertin is running in the 8th Worcester State Representative district.

“I’m happy to run with support from Pirates and non-Pirates,” said Kamelamela. ”It has been galvanizing to go door to door and speak with those who feel that their concerns regarding personal privacy, telecom greed and government transparency are dismissed by the Democratic and Republican parties in Massachusetts.”

Two big challenges that face the 27th Middlesex District are economic development and the planned Green Line Extension. Kamelamela, a Harvard University research chemist and union representative, is concerned that vulnerable populations do not have a choice or voice regarding development. She will also make sure that we avoid disasters such as the introduction of the biased 2013 tax on software services. It was repealed two months after it came into effect after widespread opposition by the tech community.

“Affordable high speed internet access remains a challenge in Massachusetts”, said Guertin. “We need legislators on Beacon Hill that understand the need to bring affordable high speed Internet access to all of Massachusetts. There is a new, decentralized economy developing on the Internet and a handful of ISPs are working to throttle it by opposing network neutrality. If we do not keep up, that economy will leave Massachusetts behind.”

Joe Guertin works as a personal trainer out of a desire to help people live healthy lives. His concerns about the high cost of Internet connectivity in his community drove him to seek a position in the General Court. His goals include expanding education funding, increasing government transparency and rolling back government surveillance.

“Noelani and Joseph have taken a great step forward in bringing democracy to a House of Representatives where 60% of incumbents run unopposed,” said Party Chair James O’Keefe. “I know that both candidates have set their sights on boarding the General Court and shifting its course toward greater transparency and accountability.”

About the Massachusetts Pirate Party

The Massachusetts Pirate Party is the party of Open Government, Open Innovation, Open Culture, and People First. It is the only political party in Massachusetts with the objective of defending the Internet as an open resource for all. The Massachusetts Pirate Party is identifying and training candidates to run in the 2014 Congressional and 2015 municipal elections. Pirates will march in the June 2014 Boston LBGT Pride Parade, as they have done the previous two years.

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