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A Letter to the Editors of the Eagle-Tribune

On Nov 5th, the Eagle-Tribune published an article titled Minimal showing earns Falchuck’s party a spot on future ballots which prompted me to write a letter to their editor. The Eagle-Tribute never published my letter, so I’m posting it here instead.

Hello Eagle-Tribune,

I recently read the article “Minimal showing earns Falchuck’s party a spot on future ballots” from the Nov. 5th edition of the Eagle-Tribune, and was very puzzled by Sec. Galvin’s remarks.

Secretary Galvin states “The Pirate Party is another example. It didn’t run a statewide candidate Tuesday and will be stripped of its recognition.” The Massachusetts Pirate Party was formed in 2010 and ran its first candidates in the 2014 election. We are currently a political designation, and have yet to achieve full party status. I am surprised that Sec. Galvin intends to strip us of a recognition that we have yet to attain.

I’m also puzzled by another of Secretary Galvin’s remarks: “There are only two legal parties in Massachusetts – Democrats and Republicans … The rest of them are not a party. They’re independents striving to become a party.” As your article nicely pointed out, the most recent elections have given Massachusetts two new political parties: the Greens and the United Independence Party. That is a total of four parties, not two. Was Secretary Gavin not informed about the subject of your article?

We contratulate the Greens and the United Independent Party on their successes during the 2014 elections.

Steve Revilak
Massachusetts Pirate Party

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