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Congratulations to the Kilton Public Library

Congratulations to the Kilton Public Library for voting to restart their Tor node!

The Lebanon, New Hampshire library started a Tor node in July as a pilot project by the Library Freedom Project to bring Tor nodes to public libraries. Recently they took down the Tor exit node after a visit by local police notified by the Department of Homeland Security.

We are proud of them for sending a clear message to DHS that they will not tolerate censorship.  A big thanks also to the Library Freedom Project, Alison Macrina, Nima Fatemi, the Massachusetts ACLU, EFF and other supporters of freedom.

A reminder that we offer our skills to help any library in Massachusetts setup a Tor relay or exit node and teach library staff and patrons how to install and use Tor. Librarians are welcome to contact us at info@masspirates.org. Anyone interested in helping can also email us.

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