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CISA Just Getting Worse

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Leaders in Congress are looking to expand CISA, the Cyber Information Sharing Act, far beyond the awful bill it already is. They are pulling what little privacy protections it had and would encouraging ISPs like Comcast to log everything you send so they can scoop it up.  And that is only what we know about.  We have heard that bill changes include:

  • Expanding the definition of “cyber threat” to include non-cyber crimes;
  • Expanding liability protection for companies that hand over their data to the government;
  • Reversing DHS – civilian side – as lead for information sharing.  Perhaps making the NSA the point of collection?
  • Getting rid of the directive to ensure data integrity.

Will it put backdoors in encryption as some have asked for?  Possibly.  This bill may turn out to be a Patriot Act II.

Of course, the terrorists who attacked Paris weren’t identified by meta data analysis and didn’t use encryption.  We have had far too many mass killings in the US and none were stopped by government mass surveillance.

A revised CISA is likely a week or two away.  Now is the time to contact your Congress people and urge them to vote against it.

In Massachusetts, only Representatives Neal (202-225-5601), Kennedy (202-225-5931), Moulton (202-225-8020) & Keating (202-225-3111) voted for CISA.  If you aren’t sure whether they are your US House Representative, visit Where Do I Vote MA and enter your address to find out.

The rest of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation voted against CISA, but with the fear mongering we shouldn’t assume they will vote against it. Please thank them for their past vote against CISA and urge them to lead the fight to stop it:

Finally, if you are tired of your Congress people selling out your privacy, run for office as a Pirate!

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