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Sunday: Stop DRM in HTML

The anti-DRM movement has fought media and proprietary software companies who want to add Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to the HTML standard that defines the Web.  Allowing DRM into HTML will lead to security backdoors as well as encouraging the corporate enclosure of our shared culture.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will convene March 20-22 and vote on whether to add DRM to the HTML standards.

We cannot let them win!

The FSF, Defective by Design, and other anti-DRM groups are organizing protests at the W3C’s twenty global offices throughout the world.  They are asking people to go to these rallies and take photos of the rally to demonstrate the opposition to HTML DRM. The Boston-area rally will be this Sunday from 6:45pm to 7:30pm in front of the MIT Stata Center, MIT Building 32, at 32 Vassar Street in Cambridge.  The Kendall Sq. MBTA stop on the Red-line is the closest subway stop and there is likely to be street parking.  More info at the FSF site.

There will be a info and sign making session in the Stata Center at 32-144 at 4:55pm. Make your own sign or download the FSF’s printable sign.

Also, this weekend is LibrePlanet 2016 sponsored by the FSF.  It will be at the Stata Center.  Pirates will be offering a cryptocorner for attendees.

Sunday come by and stand for freedom!

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