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Sunday Tell GE: Stop polluting our water!

The Massachusetts Pirate Party stands with the protesters who want to send a clear message to General Electric: stop polluting our water!

For decades, General Electric (GE) polluted the Housatonic river with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a known carcinogen. To this day, miles of the river are so polluted that you cannot eat the fish caught in it.

GE, which is moving its headquarters to Boston, is trying to shirk its responsibility to clean up the Housatonic river so that it can reduce its costs by over a hundred million dollars. Yet GE’s new headquarters will reside in state-owned buildings rent free for up to two decades and will benefit from over a hundred million dollars in Massachusetts and Boston spending.

This pollution is not only an issue of corporate abuse of power, it is also an issue of the rightful use of the commons, which is a very important to the Massachusetts Pirate Party. No one individual entity, be it person or corporation should be able have such a wide reaching effect on resources that benefit us all.

General Electric has hurt not only the those who live near the Housatonic, but those who fish, farm and play in and near the river and will continue to do so as long as the river is polluted.

The Massachusetts Pirate Party encourages Pirates to join the March against the Dumps rally this Sunday. Quartermaster Steve and Activism Director Moses will be there. Just look for our banner.

We urge you to encourage your friends, family and fellow Pirates to get involved in this issue as well as opposing Massachusetts officials efforts to subsidize corporations like GE.

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