We mentioned recently that we gave nearly $90 million to Hollywood in 2016 and gave at least half a billion dollars to Hollywood over the last decade.  The legislature’s excuse is that films create jobs. In 2017, the average salary in Massachusetts was $62,110. It cost $102,888 in tax credits for each job created. Additionally, a film won’t get a tax credit unless it spends more than $50,000 in Massachusetts. Your small up and coming local film maker doesn’t benefit from the tax credits. We are ...
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We have long opposed the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit. Two years ago we noted that in 2014, Hollywood took us for $64.5 million. In 2015, the cost in revenue was $72.5 million. The numbers are out for 2016 and we lost $88.8 million in revenue that year. Giving money to Hollywood is bad enough. Due to the industry's creative accounting, most films never make a profit on paper.  As a result, the film tax credits are never used to pay taxes accrued on the films. Instead, many of them are sold o...
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In the latest Pirate News, we discussed the EU vote to impose an upload filter and link tax. We also discuss Saturday's Party Conference.


Amazon's deadline is here and many states have fallen over themselves to sell their cities as the location for Amazon's second headquarters.  With those bids, we expect that states and municipalities will try to shower Amazon with tax breaks and other subsidies their residents cannot afford. We ask: why should we pay for Amazon to take our money? The US government already allocates well over $100 Billion of your tax dollars to corporate subsidies.  State and local governments contribute at le...
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The Massachusetts Legislature has thousands of bills to consider.  Quite a few are of interest to Pirates including whether to give millions of dollars in subsidies to video game companies, revising the cannabis legalization law passed by voters, or defining standards for police body cameras. Yet, most bills never even have a committee vote, nevermind get to a floor vote.  The power of the leadership of the legislature is extreme and it isn't democratic. The legislature doesn't work the way y...
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The latest Massachusetts Department of Revenue report on the impact of film tax credits is out. Hollywood took us for $64.5 million in 2014. This is money that went to Hollywood film studios and didn't go to our schools, roads and other vital services. From 2006 to 2014, Massachusetts has given $548.1 million away in film tax credits. While it has generated some new jobs, it cost Massachusetts $106,099 for each new job created. The average salary for a Massachusetts worker as of May 2015 was ...
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The Massachusetts Pirate Party stands with the protesters who want to send a clear message to General Electric: stop polluting our water! For decades, General Electric (GE) polluted the Housatonic river with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a known carcinogen. To this day, miles of the river are so polluted that you cannot eat the fish caught in it. GE, which is moving its headquarters to Boston, is trying to shirk its responsibility to clean up the Housatonic river so that it can reduce ...
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On April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Gov. Baker and Mayor Walsh are welcoming military manufacturer General Electric to Boston and celebrating the $250+ million in tax breaks and free public services we are giving to GE so they will relocate the headquarters here. Why are we doing this while our schools, MBTA, and housing are underfunded? Why are we doing this when Governor Baker is trying to cut the Health Safety Net program for those that do not have...
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H.2487 and H.2606, which would have extended the film tax credit to video game companies, is dead.  The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Revenue voted to send the bills to study and not consider them this session.  A big thank you to everyone who signed our petition and spoke in opposition to these bills. No doubt these bills will be brought up in the next session and with the $170+ million GE subsidy this year, it is clear the legislature is still eager to use our tax dollars to line the poc...
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Governor Baker signed S.2015 and chose to take away the property rights of people who have been illegally foreclosed on. Advocates of S.2015 say it will clear titles to foreclosed properties. In reality it will reduce the time someone has to challenge the legality of their foreclosure from 20 years to just one. From banksters making up paperwork such as titles and deeds in the robosigning scandals to Florida's rocket dockets, the deck has been stacked against people challenging illegal forecl...
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