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How to Run Workshop Today, Now with Slides

As part of the Massachusetts Pirate Party’s “run local” initiative, today we are organizing a series of workshops on how to run in a local election.  We’re talking town meetings, city councils, and school committees.  It doesn’t take a fortune to run, you don’t need an army of volunteers, and the work you do can make a real difference in your community.

This event will be held in the Mandela Room of the Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn St., Harvard Square, Cambridge, from 1:00 – 4:00pm today, Saturday November 12th.  The Democracy Center is an awesome place, but unfortunately it is not wheelchair accessible.

Please show up or email us if you want to attend a future training.  We are planning to offer this training around the Commonwealth and maybe other New England states.  Please get in touch with info(AT)masspirates.org if you’re interested in having a training in your area

Here are some of our slides.

If you’ve ever considered running for local office, then this workshop is for you — even if you’re still on the fence.  We’ll talk about logistics (filing paperwork and gathering signatures), ideas for running small but effective campaigns, and what happens after you’ve won the election. The schedule is:

  1. What you can do in local government;
  2. Running for town meeting;
  3. Running for other town and city offices;
  4. Discussion on what a local Pirate platform should look like.

People who’ve served in local office are also encouraged to attend, regardless of party affiliation.  We hope you’ll share your experiences, and the things you learned while running.


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  1. I’m out here in Hawaii so I con’t attend. Great and helpful slideshow. Thanks

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