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Community MeshNet making progress, needs your help

A huge congratulations to everyone who helped get the Senate to vote to overturn the FCC’s termination of Net Neutrality. We hope the House and President Trump will also decide to support Net Neutrality. While we wait the outcome of that bill, local supporters of Net Neutrality are working to build a net neutral, community alternative to internet service providers that cares about your privacy: Mass. Mesh Net.

At their last tech meeting, volunteers including fellow Pirate William Fleurant, demonstrated a mesh network connected to the Internet. They are making significant progress getting a mesh router working on inexpensive hardware using free software.  The plan is to get it ready for others to easily install and use.

To move things along, the Mass. Mesh Net will hold weekly tech meetups every Tuesday, 7-9pm. They will be at Industry Lab, 288 Norfolk St, Cambridge. The Mass. MeshNet General Meeting will be on June 7th at Industry Labs.

If you want to help out, please join the discussion list. You can sign up at You can find them at

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