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Senators sneaking state surveillance power expansion in budget. Tell them no!

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Massachusetts Senators are trying to sneak into the budget unprecedented new state surveillance powers for prosecutors.  We stopped them in November, and we need to do so again.

Prosecutors in Massachusetts have greater access to sensitive information about us than ever before, often without a warrant, whether it is your Twitter direct messages or meta data such as who you call, how long you talk, and where your phone is, and thus potentially where you are at any moment of the day.  We don’t need to give them any more surveillance powers.

The vote is scheduled for next week. Now is the time to call you State Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on budget amendments  #1001, #1074 and #1083 and any other attempts to expand government wiretap surveillance. Your voice is needed now to stop this effort.  You can look up their phone number and call them. If you cannot, email them. Thanks!

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