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Thanks for voting for transgender equality

Thanks to everyone who voted for Questions 1 and 3 and to the activists and volunteers who advocated for them.

Question 3’s overwhelming victory demonstrated that the voters of Massachusetts support equality for our fellow transgender citizens and residents and have upheld our often proud history of supporting civil liberties.

While Question 1 did not win, the corporatization of health care isn’t going away. We expect more fights to make our health care system provide quality health care to all Massachusetts residents.

Thanks to the third-party candidates and to those who voted for them. We believe that voters need more choices on election day and are happy to see third-party candidates on the ballot.

Not unexpectedly, many Massachusetts incumbents ran without challenge in the general election and the legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic.  At the national level, we again have divided government since the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives. Congratulations to Ayanna Pressley and Lori Trahan for their wins in the House of Representatives. It is good to see the Massachusetts House delegation grow more diverse. We hope that both show the same commitment to upholding our privacy that Representative Katherine Clark has.

In Massachusetts and nationally, we expect more corporate friendly policies since many of our elected representatives listen to people with money more than the residents of their districts. We aren’t going away and are gearing up for the 2019 town and city elections. If you are interested in running, fill out our supporter/candidate form

If you can help with our Dec. 16th vigil to end violence against sex workers, please email Desmond Ravenstone. Also, please sign our petition to Senators Warren and Markey to halt R 6729, which would allow warrantless searches of our bank accounts. Thanks!

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