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Thursday, 9am: Police Militarization Bill Hearing

11/06/2014 Net Neutrality Vigil

A bill we support and helped H. 2119, is up for a hearing on Beacon Hill at 9am Thursday, July 11th, before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. This bill would require approval by municipal elected officials before local law enforcement acquires “aircraft, including unmanned aerial vehicles, armored vehicles, bayonets, bombs, directed-energy weapons, grenade launchers, international mobile subscriber identity catchers”, also known as stingrays, “launch vehicles, mines, missiles, radioactive or nuclear weapons, rockets, silencers, torpedoes, toxicological agents, including chemical agents, biological agents, and associated equipment, or ultrasonic devices used for crowd dispersal”

Our friends at Restore the 4th Massachusetts are leading the way on this bill, so if you want to attend or email testimony, please tell Alex Marthews ( if you might be available to testify.

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