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Conference starts this Saturday!

While the rest of the country waits to see if the election worked, we’re pressing on! You’re invited to help steer the ship at this year’s Pirate Conference! noon-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday, online of course.

What issues do you want to see us take action on? How do we spread our message to people disillusioned with the two party system? How do we identify and cultivate a new crop of candidates? We can’t answer these questions without you!

If you want to take part, registration is free and we encourage anyone who is interested in the Pirate Party to attend. We will email registrants the streaming details, especially participant details for the video conferences. Sign up if you want to chart our future direction. Hope to see you there!

The schedule is up at our 2020 Conference. The live stream details, for those who want to watch and not participate, will be there as well.

After it ends on Saturday, we’ll join the Pirate Party International‘s Pirate Beer gathering.

We look forward to talking with you!

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