The International Day Against DRM is today. Our latest Pirate News talks about Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and why it harms people and the free internet.

The Free Software Foundation has a number of actions you can take to oppose DRM.

Here are a few places you can find DRM-free media:

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2 comments on “Today is Intl. Day Against DRM!

  1. Karen Metro Area

    I am with you guys! These same people take from us our data while we cannot have anything that used to be free as business what to monetize everything! While stealing our data and publishing it on the
    internet without our permission! Gathering our data is not aggregate data but personally identifiable data! The harassment by spammers is relentless and yet learning opportunities are lost without a name and address for who those who do not want to be bagged tagged and categorized you companies are the evil ones and belong in Hell!
    Normally I would go places and give them hell because I am a better speaker than writer.
    Please give dates when comments are due bye. Having a difficult time doing things in a timely manor lately. Thank you Karen

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