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Pirate News: 8/7 Outing, $65 billion for ISPs and Cup DRM

Steve and James talked about what’s going on with the Pirate Party and give the Pirate perspective on this week’s news. Some of the topics we covered:

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3 comments on “Pirate News: 8/7 Outing, $65 billion for ISPs and Cup DRM

  1. All I have wanted is my privacy! I was lied to about Community phone and I am a great customer! I was lied to by Verizon I had to kick the worker out of my home! Public internet – internet in public places is not longer for the public as you have to have a Version Internet account to be able to log in! This is true now even for the (T) (and Commuter Rail which during the trail phase has a different internet company for the public to use while traveling! Phones for free is a joke that is not funny as Spam calls twice a day! Marketer’s have more right’s than I do as to if they want their name (person owner name listed) address! Census Buro workers can earn more money by taking the names of off our mail boxes and selling it which they do! Women according to the double standard get old not distinguished therefore as a single person I value my Personally Identifiable data! No I am not hiding anything I have excellent credit and Capital One believes in me! I want to be left alone but it is a fact the Verizon sells your phone number after you sign up for their service! I know such people I am only one of them where I paid Verizon to keep my number private an yes my ALL my Personally Identifiable data was publish online for any Joe shmo to read! My Name and personnel phone number and specially my age without my permission posted on the internet! Another travesty of justice if you go with a small carrier then you do NOT get free internet during Covid (I am sure the paper work must be immense) Currently I have no cell phone even though I paid in advance 2 months in advance! Due to a death in the family I am out of town! Damn thieves have more rights than me! What can we do? !Thank you for your time.

  2. Marketing's nemisis

    Watched your video. Yes Amazon is a bully! I know someone who used to work at my building the neighborhood was an old one and then Amazon ware house moved into the corner and constant noise for many many hours! Zoned for mixed use suddenly was a problem. Buses often stop at Mc D’s or Burger King and now I should not only have to pay for water but more for everything else because of a chip RFID! What happened to the friendly business and the public good surely water from the soda fountain is a public good! What is next restaurants selling your personally identifiable data along with big stores? Non profits already develop land without a permit rune our lives with noise! Most people do not even know what personally Identifiable data is! The public good is disappearing and what is left is corrupt! Please say yes to internet Neutrality it is the only voice small people have left!

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