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Find Who Gives to Mass. Campaigns

Nick Roy in our Democracy group has updated and expanded on his data dashboards you can use to explore who gives to Massachusetts political campaigns and from where campaigns receive contributions. He writes:

An update on the OCPF dashboards. I spent the last day updating the data on the dashboards as well as changing the way that they data is processed on the backend. Because of that it’s now easier to search, and I added in new filters on the contributors dashboard as well as new visualizations on the recipients dashboard. Any feedback is certainly welcome, especially if there are other ways that you would want to view or filter the data.

Right now the data is all donations from 2010 until yesterday that are $500 or more, as well as all donations under $500 for 2021. I have a script written now that can easily pull data from OCPF so I’ll start adding in all of the sub $500 dollar donations for the last few years as well.

If anyone is interested in more details I’m happy to show more about how the dashboards work.

Nick Also put together a brief video for how to use both dashboards:

If you want to help him process the OCPF haystack, expand the dashboards or have other suggestions, email him at Nick Roy <me@nickroy.org>.

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