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PirateCon is Tomorrow!

PirateCon 2013 is this Saturday.

We have a great lineup with talks on open government, government surveillance and crowdfunding.  We hope you can make it.

It starts at 10am on the 29th and will be at the Community Church of Boston” target=”_blank”>Community Church of Boston at 565 Boylston St in Boston. The closest MBTA stop is Copley on the Green Line.  It ends at6pm and we will go out to dinner afterwards.

Registration is only $10 and free for those under 18. If you haven’t registered, you can register on-line or just show up at the door.  We will have free wifi.

The schedule is below:

Time Talk/Panel Speakers
10am Opening the Gates: How To Challenge Our Nation’s Two-Party Monopoly David House
11am Open Government Michael Morisy, Shauna Gordon-McKeon, Steve Buckley and Barry Rafkind
noon Government Power in 2020 Kendra Moyer, Gregg Housh, Alex Marthews, Rich Aucoin
1pm Lunch
2pm Crowdfunding Peter Dilworth of Wobbleworks, Jordyn Bonds and Eli Feghali
3pm Lightning talks Various
4pm Don’t Agonize, Organize! Evan Greer, Véronique Vermorel, Gregg Housh
5pm How We Will Prevent The Surveillance Dystopia Alex Marthews

You can find out more about the conference at our web site.

If you haven’t registered yet, we hope you will.

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