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CISA Vote Got You Down? Elect Pirates!

The US House passed the Omnibus spending bill today and it contains a version of CISA that will further increase useless mass surveillance and sacrifice your privacy and tax dollars.  We expect to hear many rationalizations on why eight of our nine US Representatives had to vote for it, but with the vote 316-113 and most of them in very safe districts, they couldn’t even put up token resistance to an expanding surveillance state.

There is something you can do to resist.  Help get Pirates elected!

Nomination papers are available mid-February, so we have about ten weeks to find and train our candidates before good signature collecting weather arrives.  It will take a lot of work, but we have a roadmap.  We cannot do it without you.

We have been meeting every few weeks to plan out how we will recruit candidates.  The next one is this Saturday the 19th at Pizzeria Regina, 353 Cambridge St., Allston (Boston) at 3pm.  The notes of our three previous meetings are up. If you want to ensure that Pirates shake up our one party state, join us.

If you cannot, then please signup to volunteer or even consider being a candidate.

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