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#VotePirate in the European Parliament Elections!

Today the European Parliamentary elections start in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. They continue until Sunday, the 26th in sixteen member states. If you can vote in this election please vote for your country’s Pirate Party. If you have friends or family who can vote, please urge them to vote for the Pirate Party.

With the EU’s adoption of a copyright law that imposes upload filters, a link tax, hinders the right to take pictures in public places and a number of other copyright changes that hinder EU residents’ rights to share our common culture and information, it is vital that the Pirate Party win as many seats in the European Parliament as they can.

You can find the Pirate Parties that have put forward candidates with this handy chart below. The Czech, German and Luxembourg parties are expected to do well, but it is vital that all Pirate Parties receive as many votes as they can.

CountryCoalitionElection DayCandidates
CatalonianoMay 26
Czech RepublicnoMay 24/25Here
FinlandnoMay 26Here
FrancenoMay 26
GermanynoMay 26Here
GreeceLaiki EnotitaMay 26Here
ItalynoMay 26
LuxembourgnoMay 26
NetherlandsvandeRegioMay 23Here
SloveniaPovežimo seMay 26Here
SwedennoMay 26

Their common platform is available as are interviews with various candidates.

We also talked about this year’s European Parliamentary election in our latest Pirate News:


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