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Help Joe Get On The Ballot!

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Joseph Onoroski, our former quartermaster, is our nominee for the 17th Middlesex state representative district (Lowell and Tewksbury). Like 60% of Massachusetts legislative districts, the current incumbent hasn’t had a challenger in a general election. This district has had only one candidate for 12 of the last 15 elections. Single candidate elections are a sign that our democracy has failed and Joe wants to fix it.

Joe is going door to door during the upcoming weekends to gather the 150 signatures needed to get on the ballot. He, like all legislative and county candidates, has until April 30th to gather signatures. He has been out gathering signatures the last month and is halfway there. He would appreciate your help to get the remaining signatures he needs and a cushion to protect him from a challenge.

If you are able to help during one of the next three Sundays, fill out our volunteer form with when you are available and Joe’s crew will contact you.

Candidates Wanted!

One candidate running is wonderful. More Pirates running is vital! If you want to run in the upcoming election, the filing deadlines for Pirate candiates are:

  • District & County Candidates: April 30, 2024
  • Federal Candidates: July 30, 2024

Town elections are on-going and the election dates depend on your town. Find your town clerk and give them a call.

Tell us what you want to run for and we will help you come up with a plan to get on the ballot. You can also review our training videos on:

If you want a quick overview, check out our Running as an Independent video.

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