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We will be meeting Sunday night for a Pirate Social to meet a Pirate from Japan. It will be a great opportunity to discuss where we go from here in the fight to keep net neutrality. The social will be at the Asgard Restaurant, 350 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square, Cambridge. It starts at 6pm. The closest MBTA stop is the Red Line Central Square stop. Please RSVP so we know how big a reservation to make.  You can also sign up at our Facebook event.  Please share.


Thanks to everyone one who stood out in the rain outside the State House at the vigil for net neutrality. We joined with people around the country committed to an open Internet.  Tim Pierce posted some of the pictures he took, such as the one above. The FCC hasn't decided what choice to make, but we know that ISPs, like Verizon, will sue if the FCC chooses to regulate ISPs as common carriers. Whatever happens next, the fight won't be over soon. Now is the time to plan our next steps! W...
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WHAT: Emergency protest and vigil to save net neutrality, the principle that protects free speech on the Internet.

WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 6pm 

WHERE: Boston - Gather in front of the MA State House near Boston Common.  Worcester - 187 Main St, under the AT&T sign.

BRING: A cell phone, flashlight, glowstick, or c...
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A hearty thank you to Joe and Noelani and everyone who helped make their campaigns a success. We had a boat load of volunteers and got some great press coverage. Even the Boston Globe covered us. According to the AP, Noelani received 1,452 votes (12%) and Joe received at least 549 votes (4%). In Wisconsin, Joseph Klein, a long-time political organizer who ran for state assembly as a Pirate, received 18% of the vote in his two way race. We know next year will be even better. We are in the proc...
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Today, November 4th, is election day.  Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.  For our two state rep. candidates it will be the end of their campaigns. Last Friday Joe Guertin participated in a debate with both of his opponents.  Noelani Kamelamela and her crew leafleted up a storm in her district.  Both Joe & Noe were on WEMF's Young Jurks show a week ago.  Because of their campaigns, the Pirate Party has been in the Boston Globe and other news sites recently. If you live in Bellingham, Blacksto...
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On November 1st, The Boston Globe published an ideas piece called Text 'aye,' matey! The Pirate Party's push for direct democracy. The article outlined some of direct democracy's potential pitfalls, namely that it's new, untested, and cannot possibly work. I think there is an element of credibility to these claims, and that's all the more reason for giving direct democracy a try. At the very least, direct democracy would follow the general trajectory we've taken over the past 230 years. Le...
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WHAT: Emergency protest and vigil to save net neutrality, the principle that protects free speech on the Internet.

WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 6pm 

WHERE: Gather in front of the MA State House near Boston Common. 

BRING: A cell phone, flashlight, glowstick, or candle, to shine light on the corruption unfolding in our go...
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A couple of months ago, I sent the CIA a FOIA request, for a screen shot of their intranet home page. I was simply curious: what does your average CIA employee see every day, when they log on to the agency's internal intranet. The CIA denied my request, and I filed an appeal: July 25, 2014 Information and Privacy Coordinator Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C. 20505 Dear Coordinator, I'm writing in regard to FOIA request F-2014-01696, a request for a screenshot of the ...
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