Saturday, March for Accessible, Secure & Open Internet Standards

We’re now in the final showdown phase of the fight to keep Digital Rights Management (DRM) out of HTML and Web standards. All approval of the DRM standard has been granted *except* the crucial final stamp from Tim Berners-Lee, the Web’s inventor. He’s taking forever to make the decision, because there’s tremendous pressure from both sides.

Enter K8 and Jak, artists from Allston, who recently became involved in the struggle to stop DRM in the Web. They, local developers, artists, Free Software advocates and digital citizens are planning a march this Saturday, May 13th in Cambridge, demanding Tim reject DRM using creative signs and street theater.

The march starts starts at 2pm in front of Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Ave in Central Sq. The march ends at the W3C at MIT.

Quartermaster Steve Revilak will be there and we want you will come out and speak out for an accessible, secure & open internet that won’t be locked down my corporations.


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