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Join us at Freedom Rally 2018 this weekend

We will be at Freedom Rally this weekend, and we want your help. This year our space will be used to tell people about why we need to get rid of Digital Rights Management (DRM) locks, as an outdoor cryptoparty, live streaming site and hopefully a mesh network (with our friends as W... Read more

The copyright censors won in the EU. But the fight continues

Today the European Parliament voted for the Link Tax 393 to 279 and for Upload Filters 366 to 297.   Additionally, in the EU, no one but the organizer of a sports event will have the right to make available (publish, share, present), reproduce or record it. Thank you for reaching out to your fami... Read more

Thanks for helping at Freedom Rally

Thanks to everyone who helped out at our Freedom Rally table. We met hundreds of people, signed up more supporters (welcome to you all) and even tested live streaming from our booth. We also handed out 500 flyers telling people how to protect themselves from identity theft due to the Equifax hack... Read more

Freedom Rally is a week away. We want your help.

We will be at Freedom Rally next weekend, September 15-17, and we want your help. This year our space will be used as an outdoor cryptoparty with power and a network. We are looking for volunteers, particularly for pirates willing to show people how to protect their privacy on-line. The hours are... Read more

Save the date: Freedom Rally is Sept. 15-17

Freedom Rally is September 15-17, and we will have a table there. This is an important event for civil liberties, and for ending the war on drugs.  It’s also really festive, and a great opportunity for outreach. We are changing how we approach Freedom Rally and our space will be used as an outdoo... Read more

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