The Massachusetts Legislature is wrapping up its work this Friday and we have a chance to get the Digital Right to Repair (S.107) bill passed. We need you to call your State Senator and urge them to get S.107 moved before the end of session (July 31). Emails won't be noticed as readily as a call. CALL your Senator and remind them that Digital Right to Repair is needed now, more than ever.  Talk to a staffer, leave a pointed message -- its all good. Go to, find the Make your voic...
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Pirates Joe, Malt, Steve and James discuss discuss: Huawei and US-China trade; Getting Voter Choice MA's Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative on the November ballot. Sign the RCV ballot initiative; Donating computers to give them a second life. Help us!; Reopening Massachusetts during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We are looking for computers people are willing to donate so we can get them to people stuck at home, especially families with kids in school. If you can donate, please fill out our form and we will arrange safe pickup. We will wipe any remaining data from the machine, then install a clean and current OS. Machines will come complete with an open source/free software internet browser, productivity suite, and antivirus. We are working with mutual aid groups and charities around the state. W...
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The Digital Right to Repair bills (S.107 & H.218) made it out of committee and will go before the Massachusetts Senate next. Now is the time to call your state senators and representatives to urge them to support it. We know that Apple, John Deere and other hardware manufacturers will pull out the stops to make sure they prevent us from having a digital right to repair. They stand to lose billions of dollars if you can get your phone repaired at an independent shop, rather than pay the...
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Thanks to everyone who came out to the Digital Right to Repair (S.107 & H.218) hearing at the State House and to the organizers and people who gave testimony.  The committee asked a lot of good questions and we are encouraged that these bills may get out of committee.  It isn't too late to submit written testimony and we posted our notes on what your testimony should focus on and where to email it.


Just a quick reminder that the Digital Right to Repair (S.107 & H.218) hearing before the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure is today. It starts at 1pm and will be in the Gardner Auditorium at the State House, 24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02133. Tuesday is the State & Local Facial Recognition Moratorium (S.1385 & H.1538) hearing before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. That hearing will also star...
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There are two important hearings at the State House this week that we urge you to attend: Digital Right to Repair (S.107 & H.218), this Monday, 10/21, 1pm, Gardner Auditorium, Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional LicensureState & Local Facial Recognition Moratorium (S.1385 & H.1538), this Tuesday, 10/22, 1pm, Room A-1, Joint Committee on the Judiciary We support both sets of bills since the first would ensure that...
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The next Mass. Mesh Net weekly tech meetup is this Tuesday, 7-9pm. It will be at Industry Lab, 288 Norfolk St, Cambridge. Enter via the entrance in the back. Call 617-642-7513 to be let in since Industry Lab locks the door at night. You can find them at including instructions for how to setup a mesh router. They have four different off the shelf types you can purchase and setup at their wiki.


We will be at Freedom Rally this weekend, and we want your help. This year our space will be used to tell people about why we need to get rid of Digital Rights Management (DRM) locks, as an outdoor cryptoparty, live streaming site and hopefully a mesh network (with our friends as We are looking for volunteers, particularly for pirates willing to show people how to protect their privacy on-line. Any time you can give would be appreciated. Freedom Rally is an important event f...
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Today the European Parliament voted for the Link Tax 393 to 279 and for Upload Filters 366 to 297.   Additionally, in the EU, no one but the organizer of a sports event will have the right to make available (publish, share, present), reproduce or record it. Thank you for reaching out to your family and friends to try to stop these bills from becoming law. The copyright censors won this battle and, based on a very recent proposal by the European Commission to require that web sites monitor ...
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Got an old computer? Donate it!

Got an old computer? Donate it!

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