We support immigrant rights, boycotts and free speech, so we are sharing this event. Expect multiple Pirates will be there. WHAT: NoTechforICE: Cambridge Microsoft Petition Delivery WHEN: Thursday 1 PM - 2 PM WHERE: Microsoft NERD Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA USA 02142 DETAILS: 100,000 people have signed petitions calling on Microsoft to stop helping ICE hurt kids. On July 26th we're delivering them to corporate offices across the country. We will be impossible to ignore....
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Section 702 is a surveillance authority passed in 2008 as part of the FISA Amendments Act. It is used to justify the NSA's warrantless collection of our emails and other on-line communications. Section 702 has to be renewed every few years, but it wasn't renewed at the end of 2017 and expired.  Win one for us. The House is debating whether to reauthorize Section 702 and expand illegal government spying programs, or pass the USA Rights Act Amendment which would end the warrantless surveillance...
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Now that the Massachusetts Senate has finished its omnibus criminal justice reform package, the Massachusetts House is working on its version (H. 4011). While we convinced the Senate to oppose the wiretap amendments, 22 to 14, now the House will have a go.  Three amendments (#53, #115 and #174) would give prosecutors unprecedented new powers to wiretap phone calls, emails, instant messaging services, and other electronic devices. However, these bills would also expand who could be wiretapped....
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Amazon's deadline is here and many states have fallen over themselves to sell their cities as the location for Amazon's second headquarters.  With those bids, we expect that states and municipalities will try to shower Amazon with tax breaks and other subsidies their residents cannot afford. We ask: why should we pay for Amazon to take our money? The US government already allocates well over $100 Billion of your tax dollars to corporate subsidies.  State and local governments contribute at le...
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If you haven't already submitted your comments on the FCC's reevaluation of their Net Neutrality ruling, please submit them today as it is the last day to do so. This Thursday, join activists from Cryptoparty Boston for a hands-on workshop to learn about encryption tools and how we can protect our privacy against the surveillance state and other intrusive forces. We’ll “hang out" with computers and try to get rid of the fear that the panopticon (the "all-seeing eye" of the state) wants us to ...
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On Saturday, the 24th, 11am-1pm, several computer privacy/security activists will show how you can protect your privacy on-line.  It will be at the South Boston Boston Public Library Branch, 646 East Broadway. The monthly Somerville Cryptoparty will be Wednesday, the 28th, from 6pm-9pm. It will likely be at Sprout & Co, 339R Summer St, Somerville. The building is in the rear of the driveway. To find out about upcoming cryptoparties, visit


Today, MassCANN/NORML will hold a rally at 10am in front of the State House to urge legislators to oppose the House bill to add further regulations on cannabis. The bill would: increase the tax to 28% on recreational sales and 21.75% on medical sales; require everyone who wishes to work in the cannabis industry and everyone who applies for a license and everyone they associate with in the course of business to be investigated and fingerprinted with the information shared with the FBI; ...
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Last week the Senate voted 50 to 48 to roll back our online privacy protections.  As we expected, Senators Warren and Markey sided with us and people's rights not to have their ISPs spy on them. Tomorrow morning the US House will take up their version of the bill, H.J. Res. 86.  If it passes, you can be sure that ISPs will start tracking where you browse and what you say. They will sell that data to whomever is willing to pay for it. Even though you pay them for Internet access, you will stil...
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The Massachusetts Legislature has thousands of bills to consider.  Quite a few are of interest to Pirates including whether to give millions of dollars in subsidies to video game companies, revising the cannabis legalization law passed by voters, or defining standards for police body cameras. Yet, most bills never even have a committee vote, nevermind get to a floor vote.  The power of the leadership of the legislature is extreme and it isn't democratic. The legislature doesn't work the way y...
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The Providence Public Library will offer a cryptoparty on Sunday, March 19th, 1:30-4:30pm.  The library is at 150 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903. An LGBTQ community-focused Cryptoparty is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, March 25th. Hopefully it will be at Make Shift Boston, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston. Other cryptoparties we know about are: 3/29, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, The Sprouts, 339R Summer Street, Somerville 4/26, 6-9pm, Somerville Cryptoparty, Th...
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Sign the Moratorium on Boston Sex Worker Arrests Petition

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