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Event: The David and Goliath Hackathon: Fight against Predatory Lending For: MAAPL ,The Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending Who: Anybody with Computer Word processing skills or programming skills (See details below) When: July 18th from 11am to 2pm Where: Stone Soup, 4 King St., Worcester, 01610 ( maps below) Details: Participants will help MAAPL build their website that will be used to defend Massachusetts'  families against illegal foreclosure. Part...
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We have had some interesting discussions on IRC about Boston's bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.   Some of us point to the lack of transparency of the private bid, the fact that most recent Olympics have been wildly over budget usually at government expense and the resulting increase in police power and loss of freedom of speech.   Others think there may be a silver lining to it if it yields needed infrastructure spending (hello MBTA) and it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. What...
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International Day Against DRM is this Tuesday, May 6th. We have endorsed this day of action and urge you to support it as well. So called Digital Rights Management or DRM technologies have crept out of music (where they are being abandoned) into movies and e-books. They are even in cars and coffee makers. If we don't stand up, DRM will be in the next version of HTML, potentially lock down the Internet. As writer Cory Doctorow noted with DRM in e-books: Anytime someone puts a lock on somet...
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We need Piracy on Beacon Hill, specifically, we need a Pirate to sponsor and promote bills on the hill that promote net neutrality, personal privacy, government transparency. Joe Guertin wants to be that representative. Joe is young and energetic, but also civic minded and politically informed. And he needs your help. He's not on the ballot yet, and we only have until April 29th to get all the signatures he needs. One Hundred and fifty signatures doesn't sound like many, but to be sure to re...
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We sent the following testimony on H.2842, a bill before the Massachusetts Legislature.  We believe that H.2842 would hurt Massachusetts businesses, harm open source software and reduce competition in Massachusetts. Please tell the Joint Committee on the Judiciary that you oppose H.2842 by contacting the chairs of the committee listed below.  If your Representative or Senator is on the committee, please contact them as well. Senator Cynthia Stone Creem Phone: 617-722-1639 Fax: 617-722-12...
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The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a treaty that the US government worked on in secret with other countries to bring the US' draconian copyright laws to other countries.  It will: lock us into obsolete copyright and patent laws; criminalize harmless remixes by ordinary users if they achieve ‘a commercial scale’ (art 2.14.1) which many amateur videos do on sites like Youtube; criminalize legitimate websites by making them responsible for user behavior (‘aiding and abetting’...
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Today, November 16th, is American Censorship Day.   It is so named because today the House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). SOPA, also called the Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act, or E-PARASITE Act, is the House equivalent of the Senate's PROTECT-IP bill. We have to stop SOPA & PROTECT-IP or the Internet that has fostered knowledge and free speech for over twenty years could be dead. ...
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"Web 2.0 Summit Attempts by the content industry to pass legislation like the Protect IP Act are the greatest threat to technology innovation, a senior US Senator told delegates at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco." The previous quotes were taken from The Register: A UK based technology news site. A direct link to the full article can be found here: RIAA-led mob threatens innovation, Senator warns


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PIRATE PARTY TO SUPPORT OCCUPY BOSTON Protesters have been Occupying Wall Street for three weeks. Thousands are protesting and hundreds are camping out at Liberty Plaza in New York city. Police there have already arrested hundreds for the constitutionally protected act of peacefully assembling. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Boston and dozens of other cities. Protesters are speaking out against corporate influence in our political process, polit...
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